The most important aspect that ensures a smooth process from start to finish is open communication. Here are the four main steps:

Call us to set up a date/time to talk about your project. If you can’t reach us, please leave a message and Tanja will return your call.
We meet in person or over the phone to get to know each other and talk in depth about your ideas or need. If meeting in person, this can happen at the place where the artwork will be displayed or in the moca23 showroom. Please bring anything to the table that is important to you and inspires you. This can be a color sample, an object you like, a photograph… anything that illustrates your taste and your vision. Please don’t ever think that your idea is too unusual.  “Unusual” translates to “exciting” for us.
If you are an interior designer, please share your concept design and “mood board” if available. Receiving a sample of the wall color paint is always helpful in creating a piece that best enhances your space.

After this initial meeting, a proposal will be written that includes a detailed description and a first sketch of the future artwork, often referring to a small version or a sample of the applied technique.

After signing the contract, the actual work of purchasing the material, building the canvas frame (or other ground) and painting will start. You will be informed about the progress and are invited to see the artwork towards or at the end of the painting phase for feedback.
Upon completion, the signed artwork and certificate of authenticity can be picked up or is delivered to your (or your client’s) space

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